Policy Lounge offers a unique space for any type of event — from social to corporate — and can easily accommodate anywhere from 20-150 guests in a semi-private or private space in our lounge and rooftop patio. It is an ideal space for crypto events too. Cryptocurrencies are attracting several investors worldwide, hosting several crypto events. The world is becoming more digital, and digital assets are found to be one of the best investment options worldwide. Traders can also make use of crypto robots such as the crypto bank to make profits from trading as it will improve the efficiency of crypto trading. Read the crypto bank erfahrungen blog to learn more about this platform.

Policy Lounge, with its versatile spaces ranging from intimate lounges to rooftop patios, presents an ideal backdrop for incorporating betting activities. Amidst social or corporate gatherings, kèo cá cược nhà cái can add an exciting dimension, transforming any event into a dynamic experience where guests can engage in gambling in a sophisticated setting.

Joins us for our epic weekends with our in house DJs and brunches!!


Friday Night: 8 pm – 3 am

Saturday Brunch: 11 am to 4 pm

Saturday Night: 4pm to 3 am

Sunday Brunch : 11 am – close

Monday thru Thursday: Closed and Available for Private Events